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The Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game is played the world over, but now is your chance to own a high-quality player box that can make you the envy of other players.  Some companies will claim that similar bamboo boxes are "handmade."  Let's face it, bamboo comes from East Asia and is a cheap wood that is used in places where "real" wood is unavailable.  Don't believe the claims.


By contrast, our boxes are made from carefully selected solid maple, walnut, cherry and almost any other wood you choose (except bamboo!).  All of our player boxes are crafted in our workshop and provide slots for two sets of standard gaming dice and a miniature character, as well as a slot that will hold a standard pencil or an iPad Mini, or similar device.  We can also provide engraving if you want something truly unique.  When open, the lid becomes a dice-rolling try, and the entire inside of the box is lined with felt.


We finish these with four coats of hand-rubbed finishes and polish with a special wax blend for a surface that can take some abuse without suffering damage.



Dungeons and Dragons Player Box

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