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Sliced Pi Design was founded by an engineer and entrepreneur who spent over 35 years as a professional Maker, but who was always more passionate about creating something wonderful from basic materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, and stone.  We work with our hands when we can and apply technology when we must, but our focus is always to create the best.  We have become masters in our craft, providing our customers with a wide and varied selection of styles and trends, perfect for starting or topping off the decor or any space.

Sliced Pi Design strives to give our customers the opportunity to let their creativity run wild. We invite you to browse our site to find just what you have been looking for.  

We hope our store can provide what you desire, but if your imagination reaches beyond our product line or you just have a question, feel free to contact us and we can design something totally unique just for you.

Hand made
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