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If you are a discriminating cigar smoker, then you know you can buy a cheap leather carrying case and carry a couple of cigars.  But anyone can do that.


These unique day boxes allow you to carry your cherished cigars in style.  These boxes are all handcrafted from the finest woods (or even solid resin) and will make you stand out among cigar smokers.


They are available in two sizes, and each box style will keep cigars safe all day or for a weekend getaway.  The shorter box can hold a cigar up to 60 ring and a length of 6.75" (171mm). The longer box can easily hold cigars up to 52 ring and a length of 7 inches and is ideal for Churchills.


There are there material/price groups to choose from: Basic wood series, Exotic woods, and Solid Resins 



Note that these are portable containers for short-term storage and use.  These are not humidity-controlled humidors


Cigar Day Boxes

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