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This Chaos cutting board will be a real conversation starter in your kitchen and consists of six different high-quality types of wood, including Canadian Maple, North American Walnut, Red Cherry, Red Birch, Padak, and Bubinga that are purposely randomly sized and placed into an end grain pattern, and the result is eye-catching.


The main benefit of this board is that when you own it, you can be certain that no one else in the world will have the same cutting board in their kitchen - these are unique.  The downside is that they don't come along every day and will appear randomly on this site with a frequency of only a few each year.


This board is available only as a 12"x18"x1.75" and includes end handles that will allow you to use either side.  We will be happy to make a custom version of this board, but we don't make them often and there may be a wait list.


Chaos End-Grain Cutting Board

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